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Many of our DC LTHYW attendees are bummed that we won't be in DC this year because we're hosting LTHYW 2022 in North Carolina in September. You keep asking so we've got an answer for you swag bag woes! We have a VERY LIMITED amount of LTHYW swag bags available for purchase. The picture above is not indicative of the products you will receive. However, you will receive at least 5 full size products from our LTHYW sponsors. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LTHYW SWAG BAG WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AFTER OUR EVENT OCCURS. LTHYW 2022 IS SET TO OCCUR ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2022. The price listed includes shipping costs, you will receive a tracking number once your swag bag ships AFTER SEPTEMBER 17TH. 

LTHYW 2022 Swag Bag

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